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We provide both a managed and on-demand IT support services and solutions for small to medium sized business. Network setup and support including workstations (desktop/laptop) repair and maintenance, server installation and support, router and switches, Email, soft support for software related issues, data backup and recover solutions and those nasty malware and viruses. Everyone's needs are different, but if you or your staff are spending valuable time keeping your network or office computers and technology running, then you need to talk to us. Did we also mention that we build Websites and provide VoIP and broadband services? We do it all!
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VoIP stands for Voice over IP (Internet Protocol). It means that instead of using your traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) whereby a call is connected from one point to another, VoIP uses packet switching where packets of data are sent over countless connections over the Internet, much like how you arrived to this page.
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Because you are using IP (Internet Protocol) to connect to calls, there is no need for the old POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) infrastructure, so the cost savings can be huge. on top of that you can take your phone wherever there is an internet connection with apps available for smartphones and computers in order to make calls. Other benefits are instant call forwarding, hunt groups, conferencing and so much more.
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VoIP can be as little as $0.00 per month and broadband from $49.95 depending on your requirements. We can give you a range of pricing options to align with your calling and Internet needs. We believe not one size fits all. Better yet, we can manage the whole process for you, and most of the time you can take your number with you.
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VoIP has been around for some time, so when it first came out our broadband was not as fast as it is today, so VoIP was not an option for everyone. Nowadays we are spoilt for choice and speed of our Internet, and this is great for VoIP users. So long as you have fast broadband, you are likely to have a great VoIP service. We can check all this for you.
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Start by talking to us. We can be as involved as much or as little as you want depending on your budget. We can build something from the ground up or leverage of popular frameworks like Wordpress to deliver a polished rich content drive mobile friendly site. We can take the pain out of it by managing the entire process from domain registration, design, development and hosting. We can even host your email.
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Yes we can. We are partnered with a domain reseller and can get some of the nest prices around for domain registration and take all the hassle out of setting it up. More importantly, YOU own the domain name, not some other company like other providers often do.
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Our standard hourly rate for support is $90+gst per hour. We can tailor a managed solution for a monthly fee. We charge fixed price or time and materials on Web development and associated solutions.
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